Saturday, November 18, 2006


There's something happening here........

Love it! Thanks for stopping by Hooterville!
The Bush administration and all the weird people in it. Cheney. Condi. Rumsfeld (gone now, we'll miss his haiku). And all the rest of the very strange Republicans. Haggard. Foley. Ken Mehlman. Trent Lott. The goofy cabinet members, all of whom are there to keep their departments from doing what their departments are supposed to do. Strangest of all, Rove. You couldn't make this stuff up.
Yea but Ron I mean Lew, I mean Mr. Troll, you gotta admit Condi would be a pretty spicy date...
Maybe I'll email her and see if she's available..

I'll let you know.
Huhn? Lew's over at his spot and Ron's in rehab for his sex addiction, this here's nothing but mine!
Have fun if you think Condi would be a spicy date, she is a part of an evil cabal of killers, but hey, if that is what turns you on, go ahead and join the neo-con club.

Honestly, Aj, I have not read your blog, so maybe I am jumping to conclusions and your comment was tongue in cheek, but it made me gag.
I think Newsguy says it all. This whole last six years reads like a L Ron Hubbard sci fi book. Condi looks as though she has upset her husband.
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